Immigration businesses

Immigration of people:

  - Permanent immigration
  - Temporary immigration
  - Family reunion
Implementation of a business in Canada.

  Starting-up a business:

     - Incorporations and corporate organizations

     - Negotiating and drafting of Partnership agreement
     - Business registrations at the Registraire des entreprises du Québec
  Transfer of businesses:
      - Advices on the purchase or sale of business
      - Negotiating and drafting of purchase agreements
  Corporate reorganizations:
     - Interposition of holding companies or trusts within a corporate structure

     - Mergers
  Shareholders' Agreements
  Particular Incorporations for professionals:

       - Health professionals
       - Accountants
       - Real estate brokers

  Business domiciliation services (business address).

May you be an individual or a corporation, François Crevier lawyer accompanies you to answer your questioning, advise you and represent you, if necessary, in front of the courts or of administrative tribunals, in numerous legal domains.

Our expertise, your  advantage

Insurance Law

Intellectual Property Law

- Trademark registration

- Negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements, etc.

Civil Law

- Analysis and drafting of employment contracts
- Negotiations of severance pay

- Representations before courts, etc.

- Claims, etc.


Immigration Law

Business Law

- Civil suit;
- Contracts;
- Latent defects, etc.

Protective supervision of persons of full age

Commercial Law

- Commercial lease agreements
- Agreements with customers
- Agreements with subcontractors
- Agreements with suppliers
- Recovery of unpaid accounts, etc.


Labour Law

François Crevier Avocat

Agent de marque de commerce

Family Law

- Divorce;
- Child support;
- Child custody;
- Access rights to the children, etc.

- Institution of protective supervision

- Drafting of mandates given in anticipation of the mandator's       incapacity

- Homologation of mandate, etc

François Crevier lawyer can represent you in front of the courts or of administrative tribunals, either in demand, or in defense, in the entirety of its fields of expertise.

- Drafting wills

- Certification and verification of wills, etc.